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Why Road to Bangkok Trip is so expensive?

Road to Bangkok

Every Travel site online is buzzing about the Cross Border India Bangkok Road Trip.

Adventures Overland shares this passion hence as promised we’ve brought you a ONE STOP solution to end this furore

Our Inbox has been bombarded with innumerable mails since the Web Launch of the event ,September last week. The biggest concern we hear is “Why Road Trip to Bangkok is so Expensive?” It’s a genuine concern as a run of the mill Air trip to Bangkok can be done within 1 Lac rupees.

But we don’t do Run of the Mill stuff, WE are all about Adventure… and that’s in our DNA. Having done this trip we understand how critical is finance to any traveller, It so is to us as well. We’ve done our research to heels and used our contacts to core to make this happen. Here we list down each and every evident factor which makes this trip expensive.

Self Drive Vehicle

Includes a Toyota Fortuner which will be delivered to you as you land in Imphal.Since the Self Drive cars will be sent from Delhi (you’re welcome to drive from Delhi – Imphal if you wish, it would be on zero fuel cost)


This 16 Night package includes 2 Night stay in India,11 Night stays in Myanmar and 3 Night stays in Thailand. You’ll be staying in recommended 5 star properties for 9 nights during this journey( all meals inclusive). A Boat Cruise with Gala Dinner in Bangkok.

Major tourist attractions

Visit to paid sightseeing locations are included as per the itinerary. Also includes the cost of AC coach used for local sightseeing in Bangkok.

Driving permits in Myanmar

This will be managed by AO along with the mandatory Lead Vehicle and a local travel guide which will be hired from Myanmar.
If you’ve done any research on this trip, you would know that one requires to shell out approx 4-.4.5 Lac rupees to get these permits and permissions and needs to apply a month prior. You can only then enter Myanmar through land border and the cost covers stay in budget hotels. This is an average cost for a 5 days solo trip.

Temporary Import & Export of the Vehicle in Thailand

AO is taking care of all the paperwork and Costing for Temporary Import & Export of the Vehicles in Thailand to avoid CARNET.

Cherish the memories

This entire journey will be shot exclusively by professionals and it would be the pleasure of Adventures Overland to send you a copy once you get home to revive your memories.

So this journey is not as easy as it sounds ! It’s Challenging, Expensive YET WORTH doing in LIFETIME


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5 Comments/Responses
Alok said:
November 6th, 2015 at 3:18 am

Pls call 9999012885

R.Sridharan said:
November 15th, 2015 at 5:21 am

a. I do not want to drive at all. Just join the trip and travel as a passenger with someone in the group travelling with a seat to spare. Will share the cost with that someone.
b. Will be travelling alone.
c. Kindly give a quote.
d. Will join at Imphal.

Pantul Kothari said:
November 21st, 2015 at 7:20 am

what if I bring my own car–and we are four. in the car

Janet Dsouza said:
December 3rd, 2015 at 5:17 am

Me and my husband plan to do a self drive overland tour from Mumbai to Europe / UK starting June 2016. Would you be able to assist us with advise/guidance/paper work / permissions etc.

April 30th, 2016 at 5:05 pm

Road trip to Bangkok looks exciting. I have 2 queries.
1. How many people will be in a car? And who will decide which person will drive and when?
2. Can I drive the fortuner from delhi without any extra charges?
I will probably join you for the next road trip

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