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What is the most remarkable vestige of the past in Latin America? The obvious answer would be Machu Picchu. But Peru is also home to more than 5000 archaeological sites, many of these remain shrouded in mystery. But you will get to witness a lot of these including the mysterious Nazca Lines, the beautiful Rainbow Mountain, and the Sacred Valley on our one-of-a-kind Peru trip! On the other hand, Bolivia is a diverse and landlocked nation of snowy peaks, high plateaus, colourful deserts and tropical lowlands. The slightly tricky logistics of getting to Bolivia have arguably left one of South America’s most authentic countries, unspoiled by mass tourism. Bolivia will take your breath away, not just because of its spectacular scenery, monuments, and relics from ancient civilizations or wildlife, but as large swathes of the country are at a very high altitude including the de facto capital La Paz, which sits at over 4,000 metres above sea level! So, are you ready to be on cloud nine, literally? Then join us on an unforgettable Bolivia trip!

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DAY 01


Welcome to Lima, the capital of Peru, and the starting point of your curated travel experiences in Peru. Lima lies on the country’s arid Pacific coast. Though its colonial center is preserved, it’s a bustling metropolis and one of South America’s largest cities. It’s home to the Museo Larco collection of pre-Columbian art and the Museo de la Nación, tracing the history of Peru’s ancient civilizations. Upon arrival at Lima International Airport, you will be met by our representative and transferred to your hotel. If you are already yearning to explore Peru, head out for a local meal because there is no better way to familiarise yourself with all things Latin! It would be a crime to come to Lima and not try the mouth-watering food here. Head out for a culinary adventure through one of the tasties cities in the South America.

DAY 02


As the international gateway to Peru, Lima is an unavoidable stop for travellers who out to plan a trip to Machu Picchu. The capital city is a melting pot with a long history of migration from other parts of the world including Asia, Europe, and Africa. Though its colonial centre is preserved, it’s a bustling metropolis and one of South America’s largest cities. In Lima, you can choose to relax in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the capital city or pack your itinerary full of visits to historic plazas and churches, 1,000-year-old adobe ruins, world-class restaurants, buzzing nightlife spots, ocean-view parks, and renowned museums and galleries. Lima is also the best place to try the wonderful Peruvian cuisine, which has a huge variety of ingredients from coast, mountain and Amazon regions.

DAY 03

Lima – Nazca via lunch stop at Vineyards

You will hit the road today and head towards the mysterious Nazca Lines, something that everyone looks forward to in our Peru customized holiday packages. Nazca is the name of a system of valleys on the southern coast of Peru, and the name of the region’s largest existing town in the Nazca Province. The Nazca Lines are a series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. They were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Although some local geoglyphs resemble Paracas motifs, scholars believe the Nazca Lines were created by the Nazca culture between 400 and 650 AD. En route, you will be making a stop at your hotel for the night located in the Ica valley near the foothills of the Andes and surrounded by more than 500 hectares of vineyards. You’ll have a guided tour of the vineyard followed by lunch with wine.

450 KM 08.00 hours
DAY 04

Nazca – Chalhuanca

It is going to be a very exciting morning as you are going to hop into a small aircraft for a 30-minute joy ride over the mysterious Nazca Lines within an area of 525 kms, a curated travel experience to add to the joys of your Peru custom tour package. The hundreds of mysterious figures range in complexity from simple lines to stylized hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys, fish, sharks or orcas, llamas, and lizards. All these images are of an unknown origin in accordance with the different theories available and you will be able to look at this mystery from a whole new perspective. Post the adventurous plane ride, you will proceed towards Cusco town which lies high up in the Peruvian Andes. Take a transit night halt in Chalhuanca and experience the flavours of Peruvian countryside.

350 KM 08.00 hours
DAY 05

Chalhuanca – Cusco

Post breakfast start your journey towards the former capital city of the Incas, Cusco. It is of course, the launching point for Machu Picchu, Peru’s largest tourist attraction and of course one of the highlights of your list of personalized itineraries in Peru. The city is well worth a visit to understand and experience the mix of Incan and Spanish influences that defines it. Often referred to as the ‘Archaeological Capital of the Americas’, Cusco is a beautiful city riddled with contrasts between the indigenous styles and the modern western world. It is located at an altitude of 3,400 metres (11,200ft) and it is common for many visitors to experience some mild symptoms of altitude sickness in Cusco. Hence, on arrival just relax at the hotel, take it easy and drink lots of water. 320 KM 08.00 hours

320 KM 08.00 hours
DAY 06


Enjoy a leisurely breakfast and start exploring Cusco on your half day city tour. The tour takes you around all the most important sites of Cusco including visits to the Temple of the Sun (Qoricancha) and the various Inca sites found outside the city. You will get to see an incredible mixture of Inca and Spanish influenced architecture, and in the case of Qoricancha, the two combined. Above all, the city has a look and feel about it that is completely different from the rest of Peru. After the tour, you will have the evening to yourself to enjoy this historic and beautiful city. Spend your evening walk around the streets and enjoying the local and exotic delicacies.

DAY 07

Cusco – Rainbow Mountain – Cusco

Rainbow mountain, you are bound to be speechless and overwhelmed!

DAY 08

Cusco – Sacred Valley – Machu Pichu

Begin your journey through the Inca heartland with a full day Sacred Valley tour. The Sacred Valley of the Incas, just outside of Cusco, is a gorgeous sprawling span of green farms, lofty terraced mountains along with numerous quaint towns unmoved by time. After exploring the Sacred Valley, you will travel to Ollantaytambo, the only Inca town that remains inhabited. Here you will explore the expansive ruins overlooking the town and understand the history and traditional beliefs of the people of the Sacred Valley. Later in the afternoon, catch the train that will take you on an interesting ride through the Andes mountain to the laid back town of Machu Picchu. Spend the evening strolling around the town, picking souvenirs and if you are open to experimenting with food, try a Guinea Pig, the local delicacy of Peru!

DAY 09

Machu Pichu (Full day tour) – Cusco

Today is one of those days that you are going to remember for the rest of your life because today you are going to visit Machu Picchu! This world-famous site is easily the most remarkable pre-Colombian city in the world, partially because of its mysterious beauty and its lofty place among the Andean cloud forest. Surrounded by dramatic terraces cut into the mountain sides, famed for innovatively feeding the empire, this complex city will have you fascinated all day. Narrow roads and steps connect ancient houses, temples, warehouses, and a large central square. Your guide will give you a thorough history of the ruins and the Incas as well as share with you the possible explanations for Machu Picchu’s function and importance. After exploring this lost city to your heart’s content, you will go back to the train station and return to Cusco.

DAY 10

Cusco – Puno

After breakfast, you will leave Cusco and head towards Puno. Llamas, sheep and alpacas roam the plains of Puno, a port city in south eastern Peru. Their fleeces are used to make the area’s signature textiles, which make excellent souvenirs. On the long journey towards Puno, enjoy the Peruvian countryside that hold a magical charm and an ancestral history. If time permits, make stops at The Sistine Chapel of the Americas or the Andahuaylillas church, the mighty Temple of Wiracocha, the majestic La Raya pass (road limit between Cusco and Puno, with a beautiful view of the Chimboya Glacier), and the fascinating Lithic Museum of the Pukará culture. You will reach Puno by evening and will get enough time to go on a leisurely stroll around the city and hit the local bars and restaurants.

395 KM Full day
DAY 11

Puno – Lake Titicaca – Puno

Spanning the borders of Peru and Bolivia, Lake Titicaca is the world’s highest navigable lake at 12,507ft (3,812m). The region is famous for its islands and crystal-clear waters as well as its festivals and archaeological sites. Take a full day motor boat tour on Lake Titicaca towards the unique floating islands of the Uros, the ancient inhabitants of the lake also known as the water tribe. Continue the tour towards the Taquile island, inhabited by quechua-speaking natives who have developed an efficient and a fine hand weaving technique through generations. After lunch at a local lodging of Taquile, take a walk through the several hills and archaeological sites of this 6 km long stretch. By evening, return to Puno.

DAY 12

Puno – La Paz

Today you are going to exit Peru and enter Bolivia. During today’s drive and one of the unique trips in South America, you will enjoy beautiful views of Lake Titicaca, shared by both Bolivia and Peru. It is important to mention that you will need to change vehicles at the border. At the Kasani border-crossing, you will leave your Peruvian vehicle, get your passports stamped on both sides of the border and get into your Bolivian vehicle waiting on the other side of the border which will take you to La Paz. At 3,640 metres above sea level, the city of La Paz sits in a canyon resembling something of a bowl within the Bolivian altiplano – a high altitude, windswept plain that dominates the southern and western territory of the country. Relax and take rest to acclimatize. 300 KM 09:00 hours

300 KM 09:00 hours
DAY 13

La Paz

La Paz, the highest administrative capital city in the world, is arguably one of the most unique cities as well and you are about to find out why! Today, as a part of your Bolivia customized holiday packages tour, you will go on a special guided trip on which you will learn how La Paz was built and understand more about its’ unique culture and traditions. The city is a living history which treasures the pre-Hispanic times with all their traditions and magic rites on its streets. The indigenous, colonial and modern areas, the Witch Doctor’s market and the breath taking panoramas are all framed by the majestic “Illimani” mountain. For a bird’s eye view of the city, you must take to the skies on the teleferico cable car up to El Alto on the altiplano.

DAY 14

La Paz – Uyuni (By flight)

Take a morning one-hour flight to Uyuni. This part of our Bolivia custom tour package is designed in such a way that you once you land you will feel that you’re in a completely different world! Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world is a desert of salt spanning more than 4,500 miles. The surreal white salt desert scenery is otherworldly, covered with a thick crust of salt that extends to the horizon, forming polygonal patterns of salt. Start your day tour of Uyuni with a visit to the train cemetery where you can see the old rusting trains from decades ago. From here, proceed towards Colchani and witness how the salt is processed before you arrive at the salt flats themselves and see the “Ojos de Sal” where water bubbles up through the salt plains.

DAY 15


After an early breakfast, you will leave the hotel to travel further south in the salt flats of Uyuni. Visit the Inca Huasi Island to see the giant cacti and have great views of the salt flats all around, a curated travel experience to make your Bolivia trip memorable. Make sure to ask your trip planner to take “perspective photos” which are unique, interesting and a lot of fun! Enjoy your moments taking fun photos and continue towards the Chiguana desert area where the scenery will include a number of extinct volcanoes plus the semi-active Volcan Ollague. As the journey continues you will pass by high altitude lagoons that are home to several species of flamingo. Your final destination for the day is “Laguna Colorada”, an amazing red coloured lake. From here you will start making your way back to your hotel in Uyuni.

DAY 16


After checking all your favourite destinations off your list of personalized itineraries in Bolivia and Peru , the journey comes to an end this morning but with a promise of new beginnings! We will transfer you to the airport from where you can catch a flight to La Paz and connect with your international flight. However, in caseyou wish to extend your stay in Bolivia or wish to travel to another part of South America, we will be happy to assist you. After a trip to Peru and Bolivia, you will have developed an unrelenting thirst for exploration and adventures, which will keep tugging at your heartstrings and bring you back for yet another adventure in South America! Until then, stay safe!



A collection of stories and experiences of the Adventures Overland travellers from around the world which portray the exact moments we strive to live for.

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Fantastic experience and Adventures Overland team made sure everyone had a great time.

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I have travelled thrice now - Russia 2018, Jordan 2018 and Lahaul & Spiti 2019 with them. It’s not the destinations but the journeys that matter.

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