USA – Unbelievably vast, breathtakingly vivid and infectiously vivacious!

USA – Unbelievably vast, breathtakingly vivid and infectiously vivacious!


North America

Unbelievably vast, breathtakingly vivid and infectiously vivacious; USA will definitely leave you richer after having experienced it in all its glory. Resembling a magnificent work of art wherein a wide array of colours blend beautifully, America is blessed indeed. Whatever it is that you seek in a country as a tourist [and we can’t emphasize upon it enough], this global powerhouse has it all!

Annually visited by millions from the worldover, America offers a lot to choose from when it comes to must-visit attractions. Herein we list four of the most popular sites in America that are sure to be high on every ardent tripper’s list.

Grand Canyon

The crown jewel of the state of Arizona, the Grand Canyon is as colossal as it’s stunning. Boasting an impressive length and breadth of 445 km and 16 km respectively, this geological marvel offers much more than just endless iconic views.

Be it the mighty Colorado River meandering across as it cuts through layer upon layer of rock, majestic wildlife that thrives even in such an extreme environment, or the incredible heritage of the native Pueblo People who have inhabited the Canyon region since time immemorial; this is one trip that is sure to awe and inspire you.

Times Square

The historic nerve center of the buzzing metropolis that is New York City, Times Square attracts a whopping 50 million visitors yearly. The one spot that most prominently objectifies for the world outside the popular idea of what life is like in America, is marked by hovering yellow cabs, dazzling signboards and marquees, towering skyscrapers and hordes of pedestrians.

Located at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, Times Square is home to rows of elegant cafes, flagship retail stores and is considered an important locus of the global entertainment industry. It’s also the site of legendary New Year’s eve revelry, and has been captured on celluloid innumerable times as a backdrop to famous moments in history.

Golden Gate Bridge

Inaugurated in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge is undoubtedly the signature landmark that defines the splendid city of San Francisco. Over the past eight decades, the Golden Gate Bridge has stood steadfast and offered countless number of tourists an opportunity to capture picture-perfect moments; sometimes standing proud on a bright sunny day, and sometimes with the billowing fog caught between its distinctive orange cables in an almost other-worldly way.

Categorized as one of the seven civil engineering wonders of the United States by the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Golden Gate Bridge also has the honor of being a California Historical Landmark since the year 1987

Niagara Falls

A massive natural wonder shared between the two neighbouring countries – USA and Canada – the enthralling Niagara Falls have been around for thousands of years and leave one awestruck to say the least. Comprising three drop points in total, namely the Horseshoe Falls (also known as Canadian Falls), American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls, the Niagara Falls attract instant attention owing to their sheer power and beauty.

Beyond the falls, there’s plenty to do in and around the area in the form of the Niagara River, Lake Ontario and the Erie Canal. Gorgeous hiking trails and orchards lend one able company, along with award-winning wineries that beckon connoisseurs with their fine wines.

America is different things to different people. For some, it’s a canvas highlighting unspoilt natural magnificence; for others, it’s a collection of man-made wonders that are a testament to the incredible ingenuity of its founders and inhabitants.

We at Adventures Overland share your passion for all things travel and promise to turn your vision into a reality – accompanied by nothing but convenience, luxury and grandeur. Stay tuned as we introduce you to more of these amazing trips across USA in our upcoming issues.

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Date : 13/07/2019

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