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The Ultimate Guide To A Lhasa Road Trip

Embarking on a road trip to Lhasa is a dream for many adventure enthusiasts. This ultimate guide, brought to you by Adventures Overland, will take you through the awe-inspiring journey from Gorakhpur to Lhasa, with stops at historical, cultural, and natural wonders.

Published On: 10th June 2024

Location: Lhasa

Best Cars For International Road Trips

Planning a road trip? Then you know the big question: which car to take? Well, we’ve got the answer right here. In this guide, we’ll tell you about the best cars for your international road trip….

Published On: 30th April 2024


Chasing Lost Trails of the Khan: A road trip through the best of Mongolia

Mongolia, a land of vast open spaces and untamed beauty, holds a special place in the hearts of adventurous travelers. Any person fortunate enough to wander through its sweeping landscapes and experience its rich culture will attest to the magic that this country exudes….

Published On: 5th March 2024


Chefchaouen - The Jodhpur of Morocco?

The title of “The Blue City” always reminds people of Jodhpur. But that’s because most of them are unaware of its African twin. Imagine stepping into a world where every corner is dipped in shades of blue….

Published On: 20th December 2023


Places in Namibia that look otherworldly

Namibia, a land where time seems to stand still, unfolds a mesmerizing tapestry of landscapes that defy the ordinary. From the hauntingly beautiful DeadVlei to the iconic red dunes of Sossusvlei, and the surreal landscapes of Etosha….

Published On: 6th December 2023


Bolivia Travel Guide: Best time, places to visit & more.

If you’re a traveler in search of a destination that seamlessly blends charm, adventure, and cultural richness, look no further than Bolivia. This South American gem is a country of stark contrasts, from the heart-pounding adventures it….

Published On: 26th October 2023

Location:Bolivia, South America

10 Best Road Trips in the World that should be on your bucket list

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Embarking on a road trip is a remarkable way to explore the diverse beauty of our world. From scenic coastlines to rugged mountains, we’ve curated a list of….

Published On: 21st October 2023

Location: India, Africa, USA, Australia, Iceland

Winter Drive in Russia: Tips for a self-drive road trip.

When the snow falls, will you pick a shovel, make snow angels, or embrace the exhilarating adventure of a winter road trip in Russia? If you’re the kind seeking the third option, we’ve something just for you….

Published On: 19th October 2023


8 Most Beautiful Valleys in the World that look otherworldly

Embarking on a road trip is an adventure that ignites the spirit and beckons us to explore the hidden gems of this world. As travel enthusiast Aaron Lauritsen once eloquently stated, “The freedom of the open road

Published On: 17th October 2023

Location: California – USA

Solo Travel for Women: Destinations, Tips, and Myths Debunked

“I wondered why it was that places are so much lovelier when one is alone,” opined famous author and novelist, Daphne du Maurier. And she couldn’t have been more spot-on about it. Traveling solo definitely doesn’t come….

Published On: 16th October 2023

Location:RTL, Spiti, Alaska

Five of the World's most dangerous roads to drive upon

For those who dare to embrace the thrill of the unknown, the world offers roads less traveled that promise danger and adventure in equal measure. These paths, etched into unforgiving landscapes, challenge even the most daring souls to push their limits….

Published On: 28th September 2023

Location:Bolivia, Russia, USA, India, Nepal

Best High Mountain Passes in the World that every traveler wants to conquer

If there’s one thing that road-trippers love, it’s conquering high mountain passes. These mountain passes are a marvel of nature, offering breathtaking views and exhilarating experiences for adventure enthusiasts. These elevated routes provide a gateway to some….

Published On: 20th September 2023


Best road trips in the USA: Road trip ideas for 2024

Embarking on a road trip is the best way to discover the hidden gems of the United States. From stunning coastal drives to iconic cross-country adventures, the USA is a dreamland for the ones who love to….

Published On: 8th July 2023

Location:United States.

Echoes of the past: What no one tells you about the Baltics

The best part about Adventures Overlands Road to London is that it’s one expansive road trip consisting of many small ones. As we waved goodbye to Warsaw while, the thrill of exploring the Baltic Nations had us grinning….

Published On: 14th September 2022

Location:Vilnius, Riga, Estonia

An Ode to Spiti: Where Every Traveler Becomes a Poet

The tale began on a crisp July morning, the air laced with the promise of adventure, as we bid Delhi farewell. With a convoy of 13 cars, we set out, the sun just breaking the horizon, pausing….

Published On: 6th June 2016

Location:Lahaul & Spiti, Asia

The Ultimate Road Trip Guide: Everything you need to know

A road trip is more than just a journey; it’s an opportunity to explore, discover, and create lasting memories. However, a successful road trip requires thorough road trip planning and preparation. In this comprehensive road trip guide, we will delve into the nitty-gritty of road-tripping, providing you with essential tips for road trips, a checklist of items to carry, and a wealth of information to ensure your road adventure is unforgettable….

Published On: 1st November 2023


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