Trip Overview

Embark on a heart-pounding Lahaul Spiti drive where you navigate hairpin bends and conquer the treacherous Himalayan off-road trails with the coolest convoy. From feeling the adrenaline surge as you navigate through some of the deadliest routes to finding serenity in age-old monasteries, the valley offers both white-knuckle thrill and heartwarming serenity. Get ready for an off-road adventure that will leave you breathless.

About the trip

7 Nights / 8 Days
Trip Cost

INR 95,000/- Per Person
Excluding 5% GST (EMI Option available)

Trip style
Self Drive Road Trip
Driving Distance
1000 Kilometers
Mountains, High Passes, Highway, Cold Desert, Rivers, Glaciers
Apple Orchards, Camping, Picnics on river side , Trekking, Monasteries, High Altitude passes
Upcoming Dates
23 – 30 Jun 2024 (Sold Out)
06 – 13 Jul 2024 (Sold Out)
14 – 21 Sep 2024 (Sold Out)

Route Map

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The convoy will assemble in the dream city of Chandigarh where everyone will meet our representative at the designated hotel. Afterward, a briefing session will be conducted where all travelers will be given a gist of what to expect in the next 7 days as we embark on this thrilling off-roading Lahaul Spiti road trip. After a delicious lunch, we will start driving towards Narkanda.

The highways turn into winding roads amplifying the excitement of the drive and as you ascend the Shivalik range, the small town of Narkanda renowned for its apple orchids beckons you closer.

By the time we reached our destination for the day, it would be time for dinner. 

The next morning we embark on a thrilling drive towards Sangla. En route, we’ll be traversing the Hindustan Tibet Highway, notorious for being one of the country's deadliest roads. The drive consists of navigating some treacherous Himalayan routes, the occasional breeze caressing your hair along with the sound of the Baspa River keeps you company. 

The gateway to many exhilarating treks has earned Sangla the title of being a trekker's paradise. Still, the valley is also bestowed with eden-like forests, alpine meadows, and snowscapes that are to die for. 

Finally, we will reach our luxurious camps for a surreal glamping experience and to have it as our not-so-humble (and we say it with utmost delight) abode for the next two days.

Navigating the jagged terrains of one of the most iconic Himalayan routes, and experiencing the true thrill of offroading, our convoy will head towards Chitkul which is a significant stop in this Lahaul Spiti itinerary. Renowned as the last village in India, this charming hamlet is also considered to have the cleanest air in the country providing you, quite literally, a breath of fresh air. 

The trails here are adorned with apple orchards and quaint wooden cottages which provide a delightful sight especially because of their juxtaposition against the majestic Himalayas that stand gloriously in the backdrop.

Chitkul is also home to the iconic “Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba” where we will stop for lunch and after spending some peaceful moments in this quaint town, we will head back to Sangla.

As we move closer to our destination on our four wheels, we’ll be exploring the hidden gems that serve as the very foundation of the centuries-old heritage and culture of the valley.

Traversing the impassable trails that lead us to Spiti with the Himalayas beckoning us closer on every turn, we’ll be witnessing the vibrant town of Kalpa and the majestic Kinner Kailash peak, and snowscapes of Nako en route.

After conquering some particularly tricky terrains, the ones that are bound to give you the best kind of adrenaline rush, we will reach Tabo which is perched on the banks of the Spiti River.

Often referred to as The Ajanta of Himalayas, the Tabo Monastery is a national historic treasure containing thangka paintings and other relics that have been preserved since the 9th century making it one of the most revered places in Spiti. 

On the other hand, the Dhankar Monastery which sits gloriously atop a spurring rock is a sight to behold as well. But it’s the journey that makes the destination feel more rewarding as the terrain to Dhankar monastery is completely beaten, full of bumps, and will surely give you the adrenaline high you crave.

As we continue our road affair, we’ll conquer many wicked Himalayan trails on our Lahaul and Spiti expedition to discover the picturesque landscapes that have remained hidden for ages before reaching Kaza.

On our sightseeing tour of the day, we will first visit Langza, home to the thousand-year-old Buddha statue that overlooks the entire village and is believed to ward off all kinds of evil like a rightful protector. 

The charm of Spiti lies in all the “highs” it has to offer. From the world’s highest post office in Hikkim to the highest motorable road in the world, Komic, this offroading Lahaul Spiti expedition is all about making you embrace the raw beauty of the middle land. 

Along with that, we’ll also traverse the iconic Chicham Bridge, which at an altitude of 13,244 ft has the title of being Asia’s highest bridge. The valley of Spiti is the embodiment of postcard-worthy landscapes and one of the most prominent scape that it is known for is the Key Monastery. The largest and oldest gompa in Spiti that also serves as the training center for young Lamas, Key is an iconic landmark that we’ll be ticking off at the end of the day.

Today we will leave Kaza and start our return journey. To say that the drive to Manali is exhilarating would be an understatement as the route consists of sharp hairpin bends that will turn you dizzy in the best way possible. En route, you’ll be conquering the famed Kunzum Pass as well as crossing the iconic Atal tunnel which is the longest tunnel in the world to be perched at such a high altitude. The drive would be full of twists and turns and conquering them in your sturdy 4x4 vehicles would be an adventure of a lifetime.

In the evening, a farewell dinner will be organized where the entire group will come together to share not just a meal but stories that they will carry for the rest of their lives.

A 7-day escapade to the Himalayas will come to an end in Manali and the group will part ways with the promise of seeing each other on the road again!

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Arrive in Chandigarh either in your own car or collect a rented car in Chandigarh before embarking on the drive to Lahaul & Spiti with Adventures Overland Convoy.

The best time to visit this Himalayan Terrain is June & July.

Must-visit destinations in this region include Sangla, Tabo, Kaza, and Hikkim.

You will be accommodated in luxury camps and carefully selected 4-5 star properties throughout your stay.

Thukpa, Skyu, Thenthuk, Tingmo, and sea buckthorn are among the renowned local dishes highly recommended for a delightful culinary experience in the region.

Certainly, the itinerary includes the Raksham Trek and a challenging meadow trek in Sangla and Chitkul, providing ample opportunities for exploration through Tabo, Kaza, and Hikkim with rewarding walks.

Ensure adequate hydration as you ascend to higher altitudes; your body will naturally acclimatize. Avoid overexertion with intense workouts to support a smooth adjustment to the changing elevation.


Explore the firsthand accounts of participants who have embarked on journeys with Adventures Overland and delve into their immersive experiences.

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Lahaul & Spiti Road Trip – Himalayan Self-Drive with AO

Discover the magic of the Lahaul Spiti Drive with AO Himalayan Drives – your ticket to a seven-day adventure filled with off-road thrills and stunning landscapes. From a detailed Lahaul Spiti itinerary that ensures you get to experience all the shades of Spiti Valley to the coolest convoy consisting of like-minded people who make the experience ten times better. Adventures Overland, known for creating unforgettable experiences, promises a unique blend of excitement and natural wonders on the Lahaul Spiti Drive.    

Commencement of Lahaul Spiti Drive from Chandigarh:

The journey begins in Chandigarh, a dreamy city where participants gather for a comprehensive briefing. Adventure Overland’s friendly representative ensures everyone is set for a week of exploration. The drive to Narkanda unfolds like a captivating movie scene, with winding roads leading to the charming town known for its apple orchids. Heading to Sangla becomes a delight on the Hindustan Tibet Highway, offering thrilling yet challenging routes. The Baspa River accompanies the convoy, creating a picturesque backdrop. Luxurious camps in Sangla promise a comfortable stay, blending nature’s beauty with modern comforts. The journey continues to Chitkul, where the scenery transforms into a visual masterpiece. Wooden cottages and apple orchards line the trails, leading to the last village in India. A visit to the iconic “Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba” adds a flavorful touch to the cultural experience.

Entering the Land of Lamas – Spiti

Getting closer to Spiti, the convoy discovers hidden gems like Kalpa and the majestic Kinner Kailash peak, offering a glimpse into the valley’s rich heritage. Traversing impassable trails, Tabo unfolds alongside the Spiti River, sharing its centuries-old cultural treasures. Kaza reveals cultural wonders, from the historic Tabo Monastery to the thrilling journey to Dhankar Monastery. The Lahaul and Spiti expedition becomes a visual feast, showcasing landscapes that have remained hidden for ages.

Exploring the heart of Spiti Valley – Kaza

The best part of the Lahaul Spiti drive is that you get to embark on a captivating journey through Spiti’s soul, uncovering treasures like the Key Monastery—standing tall at 13,668 ft, a sanctuary of Buddhist wisdom where young Llamas receive their training amidst ancient relics. Witness the marvel of Chicham Bridge, Asia’s loftiest at over 13,000 ft, linking Chicham and Kibber. Suspended above the Samba Lamba Nallah gorge, it took 15 years to craft this engineering feat, offering a breathtaking traverse for locals and tourists alike. Ascend to Hikkim, home to the world’s highest post office at 14,400 ft and a fascinating spot in this Lahaul Spiti itinerary. Immerse yourself in 90s nostalgia, crafting heartfelt letters and dropping them into the red mailbox, a ritual embraced by many, especially women, during their Lahaul Spiti road trip. Komic beckons with its distinction as the highest village connected by a motorable road. Wander its streets, embracing the unhurried pace of Spiti life. Finally, Langza unfolds with ancient fossils and spiritual significance. A village of gods, it cradles a millennia-old Buddha statue, looking over the locals—a timeless guardian in the heart of Spiti. The drive from Kaza to Manali becomes a blend of sharp bends, conquering Kunzum Pass, and passing through the world’s longest Atal Tunnel. In sturdy 4×4 vehicles, participants navigate twists and turns, turning each moment into a memorable adventure. The journey concludes with a heartfelt farewell dinner in Manali, where participants come together to share not just a meal but stories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Until the next adventure, the promise is made to meet again on the road.  

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