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North East Expedition

Trip Overview

Get ready to dive headfirst into the ultimate adventure in India’s North East — a land brimming with boundless surprises, exploding with vibrant hues, decadent flavors, and landscapes that will literally steal your breath away. Picture yourself effortlessly gliding through the untamed magnificence of Kaziranga, surrendering to the serene allure of Majuli, and becoming utterly spellbound by the enchanting magic of Ziro. But guess what? That’s just the beginning! Brace yourself for an adrenaline-soaked expedition that takes you through the dizzying trails of Balipara, Dirang, and Tawang, with each bend in the road delivering a surge of exhilaration that’s beyond compare. This is more than just an adventure; it’s a heart-pounding, mindblowing, pulse-quickening experience.

About the trip


15 Nights / 16 Days



Trip Cost



Trip Cost

INR 2,75,000 Per Person (EMI Option available)
Excluding 5% GST

Trip style

Self Drive


Mountains, Valley, Forests.


National Park, Boat Rides, Forest Hikes

Upcoming Dates

2nd – 17th March, 2024


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+91 9911599811

Route Map



Day 1


Your journey commences with a grand entrance by flight into the city, as Guwahati awaits with open arms, ready to cast its spell. Afterward, it’ll be time to settle into your accommodation, a cozy haven offering comfort and respite. Depending on your arrival time you’re free to explore the Kamakhya Temple or enjoy a magical experience – the Brahmaputra Sunset Cruise on your own. In the evening a hearty dinner invites you all to meet and gel up! With your heart and mind alight, you will retire, eager for the next verse of this unforgettable journey through the soul of Assam.

Day 2

Guwahati - Kaziranga

The day starts with a drive from Guwahati to Kaziranga. The road unfurls before you, leading through quaint villages and verdant countryside, offering glimpses of the untouched beauty of Assam. As the sun starts to descend, the adventure continues with an exhilarating Jeep Safari through the Kaziranga National Park. Traverse the untamed terrain under the fading light of day, as the forest awakens with the rustling of leaves and the calls of the wild. Experience the heart-pounding excitement of spotting the one-horned rhinoceros, majestic elephants, and a myriad of exotic birds in their natural habitat. As darkness blankets the landscape, return to your accommodations with stories of the wild to share.

Day 3

Kaziranga - Majuli

Bid farewell to the lush embrace of Kaziranga and set forth on a scenic journey toward the captivating haven of Majuli. As you traverse the roads, you’ll see how the ever-changing landscape makes for the perfect backdrop. Arriving at Majuli is akin to stepping into a realm where time ceases to exist. Indulge in an authentic Majuli thali complimented by the local rice beer. Every bite, every sip tells a tale on its own. Afterward, prepare to be mesmerized by the island’s artisans, the skillful mask makers whose hands breathe life into wood and paint. Standing witness to their timeless craft that has been passed down through generations is like traveling back in time.

Day 4

Majuli - Ziro

As the sun casts its golden hues upon the landscape, anticipation courses through the air, setting the tone for an unforgettable day. Bidding adieu to the tranquil shores of Majuli, you’ll step into the driver’s seat of your rugged 4x4, poised for an extraordinary drive to head towards Ziro with the coolest convoy. The road stretches out ahead with lush green meadows swaying in harmony. As you navigate the twists and turns, a soul-stirring sensation will grip you—the feeling of being a part of a convoy, on one of the greatest expeditions as you cross borders. There’s nothing quite like it. Your 4x4 will be your trusty steed, charging through rugged terrains and river crossings with an unyielding spirit.

Day 5

Ziro Valley

As the convoy rolls for yet another day, the engine’s growl will echo your excitement. With each passing mile, the exhilaration of the drive will only intensify - the wind in your hair, the hum of the engine, and the sense of adventure making you feel alive. Every nook and corner will reveal a new facet of Ziro’s splendor - from cascading waterfalls that whisper secrets to ancient forests that seem to guard stories of agelong lost. As the day progresses, you’ll find yourself embraced by Ziro’s Apatani Tribe, whose warm smiles and vibrant traditions are as captivating as the landscape itself. Whether it’s sharing stories with locals or savoring local delicacies, every moment becomes a treasure trove of memories.

Day 6

Ziro - Balipara

As you drive from the mystical town of Ziro to the captivating paradise of Balipara, the stretch of road alone will redefine your concept of adventure. Every mile traversed becomes a conquest, every bend in the road an invitation to test your limits. The road curves through undulating terrains and presents you with a canvas of everchanging vistas. As you press the pedal, the thrill surges through you, amplified by the powerful hum of the engine. Leaving Ziro behind, you’ll embrace the exhilarating challenge of conquering the road less traveled. Balipara awaits as your reward—an oasis of tranquility after the long day spent on the road.

Day 7


Balipara’s simple yet captivating charm will make you fall in love with it. The Wild Mahseer, a cozy haven nestled within a lush tea estate will be your humble abode. The day is kept at leisure for you to relax or indulge in some inhouse activities like Botanic Trail (inside the campus of Wild Mahseer), cycling or visit to the main bungalow. In the evening, visit the tea estate, where the bushes stretch out like a lush green carpet. Breathe in the earthy fragrance as you watch the rhythmic plucking of tea leaves, an age-old tradition that’s as mesmerizing as it is skillful. Wander through local handicraft shops, where vibrant textiles, intricate pottery, and delicate jewelry take center stage. Each piece tells a story of the hands that crafted it, a testament to the community’s rich heritage

Day 8

Balipara - Dirang

Traversing the route from Balipara to Dirang means winding your way through verdant hills, where emerald forests brush against the sky and the road becomes increasingly enchanting. As you arrive in Dirang, the very aura of the place will compel you to take a pause and bask in its serenity. The melody of the water flowing, resonating in the background makes the river. The thrill of the drive will surely leave an indelible mark on your soul, etching memories that will forever shimmer like the river’s gentle ripples.

Day 9

Dirang - Tawang

As you navigate the meandering paths that will lead you to Tawang, the anticipation will only get heightened with every turn. The air grows crisper, and the altitude climbs, seemingly carrying you closer to the ether above. We make a quick tea/coffee halt at Jaswantgarh Memorial. Along the way, another mandatory halt awaits at the renowned Sela Pass, nestled at a staggering altitude of 13,700ft where time seems to stand still. The scenery defies description - snow-capped peaks majestically pierce the sky, while pristine lakes mirror the cerulean heavens. As you conquer this highaltitude route in your 4x4, remember that the destination is just as extraordinary as the path you tread.

Day 10


Tawang lived in the shadows of the Indo-China War for decades before reclaiming its prominence as a land known for peace, ethereal beauty, and Buddhist culture. You’ll begin your day with a visit to the Chagzam Bridge known majorly for its built and beautiful surroundings. Later we witness the magnificent Tawang Monastery, where you can immerse yourself in the serene ambiance, surrounded by intricately carved pillars and fluttering prayer flags, while the scent of incense wafts through the air. As the sun dips below the horizon, the War Memorial springs to life in a dazzling display of light and sound, recounting tales of valor and sacrifice of our brave soldiers that resonate through the ages.

Day 11

Tawang - Tezpur

As you traverse the breathtaking route to Tezpur, nestled within your sturdy 4x4 vehicle, you’ll realize how the excitement of this drive lies not only in the distance covered but in the landscapes conquered. Leaving Tawang behind, the roads will take you through the undulating terrain of Arunachal Pradesh as you traverse into a different state. Amidst this breathtaking journey, the Nuranang Waterfall will beckon you closer. To witness its cascading magnificence is an experience on its own which is why it’s a popular halt point on this road trip. Ascending heights, descending valleys, and maneuvering through turns become a testament to your passion for the road.

Day 12

Tezpur - Umiam Lake

As you set forth on a scenic drive to Umiam, a heart-pounding journey of conquering serpentine roads awaits. The excitement of the ride amplifies with every twist and turn, the engine’s roar harmonizing with the rustling leaves and distant bird calls. Nestled amidst nature’s splendor, take in the breathtaking views of the Umiam Lake, its tranquil waters reflecting the azure sky. Engage in a relaxing day - perhaps a lakeside picnic, a leisurely stroll, or simply lounging by the water’s edge, letting the day’s adventures melt away. The day is the perfect blend of heart-racing escapade and soothing reprieve.

Day 13

Umiam - Cherrapunji

The day kicks off with an adrenaline-infused drive from the Umiam to Cherrapunji. The lush, rolling hills of Meghalaya act as a cradle embracing your heart and soul. As the engine roars and the tires grip the earth, you’ll find your adrenaline hiking. Dawki will welcome you with its crystal-clear Umngot River. The mystical experience of gliding upon its transparent waters is a bucket list adventure for many. Afterward, Mawlynnong, often dubbed ‘Asia’s Cleanest Village,’ awaits your eager steps. The vibrant gardens, bamboo bridges, and awe-inspiring living root bridges will transport you into a different world altogether. Before making your final halt of the day at Cherrapunji, today’s drive is all about truly living and breathing the magic of Meghalaya and it’s one you’ll treasure forever.

Day 14

Double Decker Root Bridge

As the sun casts its golden glow upon the emerald landscapes, you’ll set out on a journey that transcends mere exploration - The Living Root Bridge Trek. The path winds through lush jungles and mist-kissed valleys. The very air, crisp and invigorating, carries the promise of hidden marvels ahead. The bridge is meticulously nurtured by many generations of the Khasi Tribe. It showcases the artistry of intertwining roots that have been sculpted into nature’s very own masterpiece. With each step, you’ll tread upon history and legacy, feeling the echoes of those who have walked this path before. The trek is a stimulating experience that will ignite your love for nature.

Day 15

Cherrapunji - Guwahati

The day calls for some more exploration. As you let the exhilaration of the open road take hold, the winding paths will lead you to Nohkalikai Falls. Next, you’ll venture into the mysterious depths of the Mawsmai Caves, where ancient rock formations and intricate passageways unveil secrets of the Earth’s history. Afterward, you’ll bid farewell to Cherrapunji and proceed to Guwahati, but the enthralling journey ahead only promises to be as breathtaking as the destinations you leave behind. The convoy will traverse along serpentine roads that offer breathtaking views of mist-kissed mountains and dense forests for one last time.

Day 16

Guwahati (Departure)

As the expedition comes to an end, you’ll realize how some journeys are not just about reaching a destination, but relishing every moment. Bid farewell to your fellow travelers who were with you on this pulse-quickening drive of a lifetime.

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