Driving to the end of Europe: Why travelers can't resist the call of Nordkapp?

By Tushar Agarwal


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As our wheels rolled on, we could feel the very earth beneath us transform, a palpable shift from the flat expanses of Finland to the majestic mountains of Norway. The landscape underwent a dramatic transformation as we made our way to Honningsvag, where Nord Kapp – the northernmost point in mainland Europe beckoned. Nestled at a jaw-dropping 71°10′21″ N latitude, a mere 2000 km from the North Pole, Nordkapp had been calling us since we left Bandar Abbas, Iran, amidst scorching 45-degree heat. A stark contrast to the icy winds that caressed us when we reached Nordkapp. The air had a bite to it, the temperature hovering below 5°C.

Driving towards the iconic Nordkapp

Nord Kapp, an Arctic milestone, draws countless travelers eager to witness the ethereal midnight sun during the summer months. We had a wonderful time absorbing the location’s natural beauty and serenity. Taking photographs by the iconic globe that symbolizes Nordkapp’s phenomena of teetering at the edge of the earth.

Down the mountain slope, the enigmatic “North Cape Horn” jutted out—a sacred site to the ancient Sami people, the indigenous ethnic group of Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Russia.The rugged beauty of Norway unfolded before us as we set out towards Tromso, a 590-kilometer journey to the southwest.

Tromso is the hub for Arctic tourism owing to its enchanting experiences. From chasing the Northern Lights to embarking on North Pole adventures, the magic that this city makes you experience is quite rare. Our first encounter with Norwegian fjords took place aboard a wooden boat. It was a surreal feeling, being the spectator to nature’s most stunning creations. The feeling only became tenfold when we were blessed with the most mystical sight to behold: the emerald-green lights dancing across the Norwegian sky

Leaving Tromso behind would’ve been hard if we weren’t heading towards every road tripper’s dream – The Atlantic Ocean Route. We traversed through countless fjords, with their emerald waters and towering cliffs, providing the most breathtaking backdrop.

Amidst the majestic fjords, many picturesque villages adorned the route with Nordkjosbotn being one of them. Surrounded by snowy peaks, the tiny hamlet sits beside a mirror-like fjord, reflecting the ever-changing hues of the skies above.

We explored this gem on foot, taking in the breathtaking vistas, and strolling through its streets. Soon, it was time to get back on the road and drive through the towns of Bardufoss, Setermoen, and Innhavet. After a restful night at Fauske, we finally reached the much-anticipated Atlantic Ocean Road, an 8.3-kilometer marvel of engineering that meanders through the archipelago of Hustadvika and Averøy municipalities in Møre og Romsdal county.

The beauty of the Atlantic Ocean route

Ranked as the world’s most scenic drive, it boasts breathtaking bridges that link tiny islands, where the Atlantic Ocean’s waves crash against the causeways.

Although the skies were somewhat overcast with intermittent rain, our joy at marking this item off our bucket list knew no bounds.

Along this iconic stretch, we couldn’t help but stop and savor glimpses of the vast Atlantic Ocean. It was a surreal experience to be standing witness to such an extraordinary marvel of nature. On the other hand, the engineering prowess of the bridges that swoop dramatically over the coast was a rare but intriguing juxtaposition.

Our journey through Norway’s first leg culminated in Alesund, a port town on the west coast, guarding the entrance to the Geirangerfjord.

Largest EV Ownership Per Capita in the World

Norway’s adoption of EVs or electric vehicles was another standout feature of our experience driving through this beautiful country dotted by fjords, rivers, and lakes. Leading the charge in the world’s quest for sustainable models of living, Norway has harnessed electricity to power large ferries across numerous fjords. Their positive impact is that the whole landscape seems quiet, even while cars and ferries take people across the stunning locations of north-western Norway.

In this chapter of our road book, Norway’s natural wonders and unwavering commitment to a sustainable future etched themselves into our memories, transforming our Road to London into a saga of breathtaking landscapes and eco-conscious enlightenment.

As told to Adventures Overland by Tushar Agarwal and Sanjay Madan

Published On: 20th September 2022


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