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Adventures Overland offers Fixed Departure with Leisure and extreme Drives, Long-distance driving across multiple countries, and tailor-made options for more flexibility.

We coordinate expeditions across all six continents, offering fly-and-drive experiences in diverse locations such as Jordan, Iceland, Morocco, Namibia, Brazil, Alaska, Mongolia, and many iconic European locations. We also organize expeditions within India in places like Ladakh, Spiti Valley, North-East, etc., and cross-border expeditions such as Road to London, Road to Singapore, etc. where you can bring your own vehicle.

Our expeditions are ideal for solo travelers (male and female) and families with kids. The average male-female ratio on most of our expeditions is 60:40. Families, couples, and senior citizens join us frequently in all kinds of expeditions.

Driving is NOT mandatory on any of our expeditions and you are most welcome to enjoy the journey, sit back, and relax while someone else is behind the wheel!

Drivers must be a minimum of 25 years old. We expect you to be a confident and competent driver, with plenty of driving experience. You should normally have held your driver’s license for a minimum of two years. Our expeditions call for all participants to be good team players, who are flexible and adaptable when things do not go as planned and will muck in as requested by the Expedition Leader.

Yes, you can bring your vehicle for some of our expeditions. However, if you are bringing your own vehicle, it must be pre-approved by us to ensure that is suitable for your chosen Expedition. Also, you must be the legal owner of the vehicle or have written authority from the vehicle owner, with the requisite paperwork showing ownership.

Of course! Adventures Overland can rent a vehicle for your chosen expedition. If our vehicles are booked, we can recommend car rental companies that provide reliable and well-looked-after vehicles. (Terms & Conditions apply)

Tour Inclusions may vary depending upon the destination and type of tour – Fixed Departure or Tailor-Made Experience. The following are invariably always a part of the inclusions in the case of a Fly and Drive Expedition.

GPS and Radio Sets, Accommodation, Meals, Airport transfers, Self-drive 4X4 vehicle (4 people sharing 1 vehicle), Fuel, toll fee and maintenance charges of the vehicle, Adventures Overland crew and support team, Certified English speaking guide, Activities mentioned in the itinerary, Adventures Overland Merchandise, Vehicle Branding, Visa Assistance.

Tour Exclusions may vary depending upon the destination and type of tour – Fixed Departure or Tailor-Made Experience. The following features are excluded in the case of a Fly & Drive Expedition.

Your own international or domestic passenger flights, Insurance and documentation costs, Refundable Security Deposit for a vehicle, Visa Fees, Meals and activities not mentioned in the itinerary, and Taxes as applicable.

Our stays are generally in luxury 5-star hotels on double occupancy and our package mostly includes breakfast and dinner in the hotel. Single supplements are available at an additional cost. Sometimes we may stay in an isolated area, a guesthouse on the edge of a remote border crossing, or a small family-run motel and Luxury Camps.

Most of our expeditions include all meals.

You must hold a full passport that is valid for at least six months after the end of your chosen expedition and has sufficient pages for visas (if applicable) and all country entry and exit stamps. We will guide you through the process of obtaining documentation for your vehicle in case of a cross-border expedition.

Vaccination requirements do change regularly. We strongly advise you to consult your doctor or specialist travel vaccination clinic and obtain the recommended vaccinations. Whilst we carry an expedition first aid kit with us, you must bring your own personal travel medical kit. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you must inform us of this and also have written confirmation from your travel insurers that the condition is covered. If you take any prescription drugs then you must ensure that you have a sufficient supply with you (including contingency supply in case of loss), kept in their original bottles/container, together with a signed letter from your doctor.

It is recommended that you get both doses of your COVID-19 vaccine before joining any of our expeditions.

It is a pre-condition for booking that you have comprehensive travel insurance, including coverage for driving a vehicle of the appropriate engine size. You must ensure that you have a policy designed for adventure travel that will cover you for personal accidents, medical and repatriation costs, loss, damage, theft of personal belongings, and cancellation or curtailment.

Where available, we will facilitate third-party insurance to drive your vehicle in the countries that we travel through. Some countries will also require you to buy compulsory local third-party insurance at the border. It may not be possible to insure your vehicle in certain countries and you must accept the associated risk of this.

We can assist you with your passenger flight reservations. Please remember to take into account the potential for the late arrival of the itinerary and ensure that your return flight makes a contingency for this. We strongly recommend that you book a ticket that allows you to change your return date if necessary.

The support team will comprise at least 2 members responsible for the support vehicle and providing mechanical assistance. Whilst on the expedition, your Expedition Leader will have to make many decisions regarding the day-to-day operation of the expedition and also when unforeseen matters occur. When decisions are being taken, this will be done based on what is judged to be best for the group given all the known circumstances at the time and not to suit any particular individual. All participants must respect the decisions taken by the leader and acknowledge that on an expedition such as this, an element of compromise is necessary to ensure that the trip runs smoothly.

For all our expeditions, we have a dedicated Adventures Overland support vehicle. The main purpose of the support vehicle will be to provide assistance to the group in the event of a breakdown or other emergency. From time to time, the support vehicle may not be with the main group if there has been an emergency incident or other unforeseen event and it is being used to assist the vehicle involved.

The support vehicle will carry some emergency equipment including some tires, fuel, spare parts, an emergency medical kit, and water. Participants must be able to carry all their own personal belongings in their own vehicles. The support vehicle follows the official expedition route and cannot provide support to individual participants who decide to take any alternative routes.

The routes and timings given on the website and in the brochure are a fair indication of the schedule. However, they are not intended to be absolute statements of fact. Overland travel is subject to delays and itinerary alterations for many reasons, including politics, climate, bureaucracy, vehicle breakdowns, and decisions of the group itself. The whole philosophy of this type of overland travel is one that allows alternatives and a substantial degree of on-tour flexibility. In particular, we cannot be responsible for the results of a late arrival of an expedition, however caused. We therefore advise against making any firm commitments for 3 days after the scheduled arrival date for an expedition and to have a return flight ticket which allows a change of return date.

It is important that all participants are properly briefed about the expedition and have the opportunity to ask any questions. We strongly recommend that all participants attend the pre-expedition Meetings if at all possible.

Before starting any expedition in your own vehicle, it must have had full service and tires in excellent condition. For expeditions that are more than 5000 km, we will organize service points (official vehicle dealers will not always be available) and for your vehicle to fit in with the expedition schedule and the requirements of the group as a whole.

The cost of the actual service, repair, tire change, etc. will be your responsibility. You should also note that obtaining official manufacturer parts can be difficult or very expensive to obtain in certain countries and it is advisable to have basic service parts with you. For shorter expeditions, having had a full service at the start of the expedition, there is no need to schedule any formal vehicle servicing points en route.

No later than three months before departure, you will be provided with the details regarding the process for freighting your vehicle to your outward destination (if applicable) and what you need to do to ensure all necessary documentation is completed. The period that we require your vehicle before the start of an expedition for the freight varies depending on the outward-bound destination and whether vehicles are shipped (sea freight) or flown (air freight).

At your Pre-Expedition Meeting, you will be provided with details for dropping your vehicle off for outward freight and where to collect your vehicle when it returns after the Expedition.

If for whatever reason, you do not complete an expedition, then due to Customs formalities, normally your vehicle must be freighted home from the same country that you also depart from. Adventures Overland will facilitate this for you. However, you are responsible for all the additional costs of this one-off shipment, and Adventures Overland cannot provide any rebate, based on portions of freight not used at the end of the expedition.

You should note that Adventures Overland uses reputable global freight forwarders to manage the bulk freight of our vehicles. However, the timing of freight can be subject to delays beyond our control, where transport companies change or cancel schedules or customs procedures change. You should also be aware that during freight there is a small risk that some minor damage may occur to your vehicle (such as scratches, or scuffs) and that Adventures Overland accepts no responsibility for such damage. Your vehicles are insured in transit and any major loss or damage is covered by this insurance.

We recommend that you book a flight that will arrive at the official start point 2 – 3 days before the official commencement date of an expedition. Arriving early will give you time to recover from jet lag, complete the formalities with local Customs, and check your vehicle. As each expedition is slightly different, please check with us on the recommended date that we advise you to arrive at the official start point.

We have included time to be able to take optional excursions, which are an additional local cost to you. Optional excursions are ones for which we need to involve a local operator to provide you with a specialist service or where we cannot take the vehicles. You should note that whilst we help to organize optional extras as a service to you, we are not necessarily recommending them.

As these excursions are operated locally, standards of safety are not always in keeping with those of Western Europe and North America. These types of activities are always subject to the local operator and you are always at liberty to organize the same excursion with a different local supplier.

For all our expeditions, we require a minimum of 10 participants to go ahead.

For all expeditions, we try to restrict the group size to 25 participants.

In order to book an expedition, please get in touch with us via our website After you make a deposit, you will be required to sign a release and waiver form. Adventures Overland reserves the right to contact you by telephone or meeting before accepting any bookings. Adventures Overland has total discretion as to whether your application is accepted or not.


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