How to offset your carbon footprint?

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Adventures Overland is dedicated to mitigating its carbon footprint through thoughtful initiatives. In collaboration with the Golden Mile trust and its associate entity Treeties, we ensure responsible tree plantation through reputable NGOs in India. High levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere contribute to global warming, and trees play a crucial role in absorbing CO2 and slowing down climate change. Our carbon offset calculator evaluates emissions, calculates the necessary tree planting, and provides documentation of plantation, annual carbon sequestration, and a tax exemption certificate under Section 80G.


These trees will be planted across various regions by the NGO Golden Miles Trust along with its associated entity Treeties, wherever land restoration projects are scheduled.

The welfare and growth of the trees will be managed by the NGOs undertaking the land restoration projects.

Certainly, you are welcome to visit the site and observe the plantation.

Yes, you will receive regular updates on the growth and health of the trees using the tracking ID provided by Treeties upon tree plantation.

  • To offset its carbon footprint, AO employs the following steps:
  • • Assess the actual emissions.
  • • Determine the required number of trees for planting.
  • • A cost of 200 INR per tree has been established for this purpose.
  • • Donations will be directly shared with a chosen NGO to finance tree planting using appropriate methods.
  • • Upon tree plantation, the platform will furnish evidence including location details, and yearly carbon sequestration, and issue a tax exemption certificate under section 80C.

The duration for trees to effectively sequester carbon varies based on factors such as tree species, environmental conditions, soil quality, and management practices. Generally, young trees initiate carbon sequestration upon growth commencement, with the rate increasing as they mature and expand.

Yes, upon making a donation for carbon sequestration through the calculator, you will receive your carbon sequestration certificate in your mailbox.

Yes, you have the option to gift a tree planting offset to another individual.

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