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Brazil Overland - The Route of Emotions

Trip Overview

Brazil will unfold itself to you in many ways, one place at a time. First, a charming revelation, then a fulfilling destination, and lastly a memorable experience of a lifetime. Imagine touring the beautiful landscapes via road, cruise, and flight of this fifth-largest country in the world that occupies almost half of South America! Be enthralled as you visit Brazil’s cosmopolitan cities, glamorous beaches, and tropical rainforests. Get up close and personal with Brazil’s wildlife in the world’s largest tropical rainforest, famed for its biodiversity – The Amazon Rainforest – that is crisscrossed by thousands of rivers. Finally, experience driving on the famed, elusive and magical Route of Emotions, the most incredible part of Brazil which still seems hidden to the rest of the world! Brazil is an extensive terrain and planning a road trip in this enormous country can be daunting. That’s why we’re here with a 16-day Brazil self drive itinerary covering the best-in-class experiences Brazil has to offer.

About the trip


15 Nights / 16 Days


Brazil / Peru & Iguazu Falls


15 Nights / 16 Days & Peru – 7 Nights/ 8 Days

Trip Cost

Brazil- INR 9,50,000 & Peru – INR 3,25,000 Per Person
Excluding 5% GST & 5% TCS (Until 30th Sep’23) / 20% TCS (From 1st Oct’23)



15 Nights / 16 Days & Peru – 7 Nights/ 8 Days

Trip style

Self Drive


Beaches, Tropical Rain Forests


Crusie, Nightlife, Cable Car, Local Cuisine

Upcoming Dates

Brazil- 25 Nov – 10 Dec 2023
Peru – 10 Dec – 17 Dec 2023


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Route Map




Arrival in Rio De Janeiro

Idyllic coasts and lush, sprawling mountains, samba-powered nightlife and great football matches: Welcome to the Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City)! Rio, the huge seaside city, famed for its Copacabana and Ipanema beaches will lure you in with its charm! But first, let’s settle in our hotel, get over the jet lag and get ready to start exploring Brazil! The evening simply calls for a marvelous welcome dinner.


Touring the Favelas

Today you get a chance to peek into the local lives of Brazilians! The walking tour begins at Babilonia and Chapeu Mangueira Hills, in the middle of Rio de Janeiro. During the walk, the guide will take you through the history of these Favelas, no other city in the world gives you the opportunity to bask in the marvelous charm of sprawling favelas. Post the tour you can relax and unwind at your luxury hotel or witness the beautiful sunset at the beaches!


Full day tour Corcovado and Sugar Loaf

Rio calls for a different experience everyday! Get ready to explore Rio covering two of the biggest landmarks. Firstly let’s make a stop at the colorful Selaron Street for a quick photo stop. Later, we proceed to get a bird’s eye view of the 38m Christ the Redeemer statue atop Mount Corcovado, and Sugarloaf Mountain in a helicopter! Post a panoramic tour of downtown Rio, climb your way up to Sugar Loaf through the famous cable cars, where the most impressive views of Rio are awaiting you. Perfect spot to capture the charm of Rio’s natural beauty in your camera. Post lunch, hit the train to Christ the Redeemer before heading back to your hotel for dinner.terms. We have purposefully kept this day like this so that you can spend this day to your comfort. Speaking of joie de vivre, Rio knows how to party. You will have multiple places to choose from where you can witness the manifestation of your celebratory spirit. Revel in the celebrations after a soccer match, crash samba parties around town, or have a blast in a boat party on the bay. This day will remove fatigue of previous journeys from you, thus allowing you to rejuvenate and make the most of upcoming adventures. Hop on a scenic helicopter flight that includes roundtrip transfer from your hotel, offering breathtaking views of Rio de Janeiro from various angles. You can see the beautiful Lagoon Rodrigo de Freitas, the beaches of Ipanema, Copacabana, and Leme. Or, you can just wander the vibrant streets soaking Brazil’s amazing culture and nightlife


Rio de Janeiro - Fortaleza

Let’s fly to Fortaleza, one of the warmest and most popular tourist destinations in the country, it’s a place with something for everybody. Its palm-tree-flanked shoreline gives you a sense of ultimate calm. Its serene beaches bring out the zen in you. And its lip-smacking food like freshly caught shrimp cooked and drizzled with garlic oil will please your palate. In the evening, be prepared to be introduced to your vehicles!


Fortaleza / Canoa Quebrada

It’s time to start our self-drive expedition to the long-awaited Canoa Quebrada! Known as the pearl of the east coast of Ceará, Brazil, it is an international tourist beach resort 164 km from Fortaleza. Experience going back in time in this small fishing village, among dunes and cliffs, that has scintillating views. We start our drive on the paved road to Praia do Iguape, continue along the beaches of Aguas Belas, Barra Nova, and Morro Branco. We will head towards more exotic beaches like Praia das Fontes, Lagoa do Uruau, Sucatinha, Canto Verde, Parajuru, taking the asphalt to Canoa Quebrada. The constant fresh breeze with temperatures between 30' degrees and 32' degrees sets the tone for a relaxed atmosphere ahead. Enjoy the drive and the soak in the sun kissed warmth of Brazil on the open road!

350 Km

Fortaleza - Icaraí De Amontada

Be blissed out as you drive through the Route of Emotions wayfaring the sand dunes. The experiences added today will be like no other before! Ever wonder what it feels like to have your vehicle stuck between sand dunes? Well, you get everything in a nutshell as you begin your driving day! Get mesmerized as you meander along the beaches where crossing the Mundaú river on a rustic wooden ferry is like living a picturesque movie moment but living out loud and real! And after doing all of this, you’ll still have a free evening which you can spend the way you want.Emotions as we go off roading towards Jericoacoara. Be blissed out as you drive along the beaches like Icaraí, Cumbuco, Pecém, and Taíba. Feel the adrenaline kicking back in as we follow on dirt roads to the municipality of Paraipaba. Rejoice the smooth, butter-like drive along a paved road to the beautiful beach of Lagoinha where we will do a quick stop. Get mesmerized as you meander along the beaches of Lagamar do Sol, Guajiru, Flexeiras, Embuaca, and Mundaú, where crossing the Mundaú river on a rustic wooden ferry is like living a picturesque movie moment but living out loud and real! If that’s not enough, Inferno, Apiques, and the lush beach of Icaraí de Amontada are sure to enthrall you. And after doing all of this, you’ll still have a free evening which you can spend the way you want

200 Km

Icaraí De Amontada - Jericoacoara

Get ready to savor your adrenaline rush as we go off roading towards Jericoacoara. Post a hearty breakfast at the hotel, we will continue to drive along the coastal roads, passing through the municipalities of Itarema, Acaraú and Cruz. If this isn’t enough, we continue along the dirt roads to Praia do Préa, following the beach until we reach Vila de Jericoacoara. Relax and let the beauty sink in or the enthusiasts can explore the town of Jericoacoara. The beautiful town will lure you in with its music and simplicityback in time thousands of years ago, literally! We will go to Pedra Furada which contains hearths and stone artifacts as old as 48,000 years. We are talking about even 35,000 years earlier than the commonly accepted dates for the first human settlement of the Americas! We will continue driving along the beachfront to Preá Beach, where we will follow through exhilarating trails to visit "Lagoa" Azul and Paraíso. After rejuvenating in the lagoons, we will go to Komaki restaurant at the edge of Barrinha beach to have lunch. After lunch and rest, we will continue exploring the dunes' region of Barrinha and of the National Park, where we will end the day in the company of a beautiful sunset on the famous dune of Jericoacoara.

150 Km

East Coast of Jericoacoara

Let’s celebrate a leisurely day before we hit the road again! Enjoy a relaxed breakfast and hop on board for a day filled with fun at the Alchymist Beach Club, where we relish on some local Brazilian cuisine and spend the rest of the day relaxing by the beach! In the evening, we head back to the hotel and step out to explore the cuisines served locally in the town of Jericoacoara.


Jericoacoara - Parnaíba

The beaches of Mangue Seco and Guriu welcome you with open arms. Crossing the river on a pastoral wooden ferry across the Mangue Seco is just like living a fairy tale moment. After arriving in Parnaíba, we go straight to Armadillo Port where we will get onboard a speedboat through the majestic labyrinth of islands in the Delta do Parnaíba towards Baía do Caju and Guarás’ Island. You can walk over the gigantic dunes of Baía do Caju and take a dip in the magical waters of Parnaíba, and see hundreds of beautiful nocturnal birds.

250 Km
DAY 10

Parnaíba - Barreirinhas

If you think you’ve grasped the delightful charm of Brazil in the past nine days, then you are in for a surprise and know that you’ve just dipped your hands in the sea of Brazil’s vibrant culture. Begin a journey inward as you cross several villages until we reach the municipality of Paulino Neves – MA, from where we will continue to the city of Barreirinhas. Head to your hotel for a delightful and relaxed stay

200 Km
DAY 11


Barreirinhas is a smaller but beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is going to be worth a visit. Riding quads through the dunes of “Lençóis Maranhenses” is definitely going to be an unforgettable experience. After breakfast and a briefing with instructions about the tour, depart to the quads boarding place. Pass through dream-like sandy trails and dunes of the “Pequenos Lençóis”. The trail in Lençóis Maranhenses National Park takes an average of 40 minutes to reach the foot of the dunes, where we get off the vehicles and start a walk exploring the Circuit of Lagoons, with stops for swimming and insta-worthy photos!

DAY 12

Barreirinhas - São Luís - Manaus

Today we will be driving to Sao Luis, known as the Brazilian capital of reggae, a very popular rhythm in the city, the World Heritage-listed historical center of São Luís is an enchanting neighborhood of steamy cobbled streets and pastel-colored colonial mansions, some restored, many crumbling. We are sure you have had fun driving on the Brazilian curves, however, this day calls for a bid adieu to our vehicles! Post lunch we return our vehicles at the airport, and board our flight to Manaus, gateway to the great Amazon. We will be reaching Manaus late night and unwind as soon as we hit the hotel.

250 Km
DAY 13

Manaus (Day excursion to Amazon)

Are you excited for your Amazon experience? We will head to Manaus pier to embark on a private speed boat traveling down river towards the Meeting of the Waters, the largest confluence in the world. Our guide will explain about the differences between the two rivers’ characteristics. Afterwards, the tour takes you to Lake January, which lies between the Solimoes and the Negro rivers and has a rich biodiversity, you will see the giant water lilies and the Pirarucu fish, the largest, sweet water fish in the world and will have the opportunity to fish piranhas using indigenous method. Post having lunch at a typical floating restaurant we will head back to the pier and transfer to the hotel.

DAY 14

Manaus (Day excursion to Amazon)

In the morning, pick-up at the hotel and transfer to the port where a speedboat will be waiting to start the river tour, heading to Rio Negro towards the SMALL TRIBE Tatuyos or Cipia , we will visit its “maloca” and learn about its history, way of life, culture and rituals. First, one of the tribe’s leaders will guide in a jungle adventure accompanied by a bilingual guide and they will provide important information about the fauna and flora of the Amazon, as well as theoretical and practical knowledge of survival in nature showing how they can do it. There will also be a variety of songs and dances that tell us more about their daily lives. On the return trip to Manaus, you will appreciate the landscape of the Amazonian nature on the banks of the Rio Negro, with the possibility of seeing several birds of the region.

DAY 15

Manaus - São Paulo

Brazil will have enticed you with its culturally rich heritage, charming beauty, unparalleled biodiversity in the Great Amazon, and delectable delicacies. Oh, and how can we forget so many great new friends you will have made, with whom you can plan your upcoming adventures! Brazil, undoubtedly, is a magnificent revelation that turns you from a traveler into a storyteller. It is about as surreal and dreamlike as you can ever imagine. We will board a flight from Manaus to Sao Paulo where we will conclude this Great Brazilian Adventure. But, we’ll meet again, somewhere, sometime. Until then, here’s to a heart full of memories, a life with new, beautiful friends and unforgettable experiences!

DAY 16


It is time to say farewell to charming Brazil. After breakfast, you will be transferred to the Airport for your flight back home. In case you wish to extend your holiday and explore Iguazu Falls or Peru further adding more days to your South American Sojourn, we will be happy to assist you.

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