Supercar Drive – The Alps Edition- Season 3

Switzerland | Italy | Austria | Germany | 8 Supercars

Trip Overview

Begin your thrilling Supercar Drive journey from Zurich, weaving through the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Italian Dolomites. Feel the rush as you zoom along the German autobahns, free from speed restrictions, and soak in the grandeur of the majestic Grossglockner Pass. Marvel at the beauty of the Austrian Alps as you embark on this exhilarating 8-day driving adventure.

From the legendary Lamborghini to the formidable Ferrari, we’ve carefully selected an awe-inspiring lineup of the world’s most sought-after 8 supercars. With the unique opportunity to swap your supercar every half-day, you’ll have the chance to experience each one firsthand and determine your ultimate favourite.

About the trip

7 Nights / 8 Days
Trip Cost

INR 15,95,000/-(Per Person)
Excluding 5% GST & 5% Or 20% TCS, (EMI Option available)

Trip style
Self-Drive Road Trip
Driving Distance
1,540 Kilometers
Mountains, Valleys, Scenic Roads
Drive Multiple Supercars, Visit Italian Dolomites, German Autobahn
Upcoming Dates
24 – 31 Aug 2024 (Sold Out)

Route Map

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Upon arrival at Zurich International Airport, you will be greeted by a Mercedes V Class for airport transfer to the Marriott which is your designated stay. You can spend your day strolling around the cobblestone streets soaking in the laid-back city vibe.

Take a peaceful walk by Lake Zurich for stunning views of the Alps. Shopaholics will love Bahnhofstrasse, where top brands await.

Try Swiss food at local restaurants, explore art at Kunsthaus Zurich, and peek into history at the Swiss National Museum.

In the evening, a scrumptious dinner will be served and as the conversation flows, you will get acquainted with all your fellow travelers.

Today is the day when you will be swept off your feet by our lineup of the most coveted supercars. From the classy McLaren to the fierce Lamborghini and many more waiting to be conquered.

With the roar of the supercars coming alive beneath your fingertips, embark on an exhilarating supercar journey, heading south along Lake Luzern's scenic shores where we will make a quick pit stop for coffee. The drive unfolds through Switzerland's iconic routes, cruising over the majestic Oberalp Pass at 2048 meters with a lighthouse summit.

Following Route 19, the wheels of your supercar will be tracing the same path as the Rhine and Glacier Express Train. Afterward, we will relish an exquisite lunch at the famed Flims ski area amidst a summer wonderland.

Soon, it will be time to get back on the road again, and as you steer your supercar toward the Albula Pass, the stunning landscapes and crystal skies along with the adrenaline rush are bound to make your heart skip a beat!

The Supercar drive in Europe will lead us to the dreamlike Engadin Valley, from where we will head west to St. Moritz, the last stop on today’s drive and our haven for the night. You can spend the rest of the evening by taking a twilight stroll in the village or by enjoying locals' company at a pub with pine-flavored brandy and lively music.

After a hearty breakfast, we will bid farewell to St Moritz. Feel the pulse of adrenaline as you grip the wheel of your supercar, navigating the twists and turns of Offen Pass with precision. The hum of powerful engines echoes through the Swiss National Park, setting the tone for a day of pure exhilaration.

As you cross into the Italian Tyrol, each turn is complemented by panoramic views of the mountainous landscape. In the beautiful town of Moreno, we will indulge in a scrumptious lunch and visit the winery here. We will then venture into the Dolomites National Park which is renowned for being one of the world’s most beautiful mountain ranges and live the dream of every supercar enthusiast by conquering the Great Dolomite road, the iconic Passo Pordio and the majestic Piz Boè.

We’ll end this day of our Supercar drive on a relaxing note at the Falkensteiner Kronenplatz, which boasts one of the best spa and pool complexes in Italy.

Today is the perfect blend of thrill and relaxation on our self-drive supercar experience. First, you will spend a leisurely afternoon enjoying the world-class spa facilities followed by an exhilarating day behind the wheel of a supercar!

Our adventure kicks off as we speed south, taking in the top of Piz Boe and the stunning Drei Zinnen peaks in the heart of the National Park. We'll rev through the ski resort of Cortina D'ampezzo, and conquer mountain passes before indulging in a scrumptious lunch near the summit of Grödner Joch. Afterward, we will descend the mountain pass and head back to our designated hotel, where we will retire for the evening.

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure as you conquer Europe's ultimate driving route – the Grossglockner. Unleash the power of your supercar along its 48 heart-pounding twists that promise an unparalleled driving experience. Roar through the Italian Dolomites, refuel in the charming ski resort of Lienz, and plunge into the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park renowned for its lush forests, mountain lakes, wild rivers, zesty waterfalls, and glacial peaks.

As you steer your supercar, feel the rush as you ascend the Grossglockner Pass surrounded by 200 awe-inspiring peaks that will give you the best high. Afterward, indulge in a lunch with breathtaking views of the Grossglockner Glacier. The stunning landscapes complemented by the sheer power beneath your fingertips would make your descent ten times more thrilling. Drive through the glamorous resort of Zell am See to finally enter Germany, conquer the roads of the Berchtesgaden region, and let the curves of Mount Vatumann captivate you.

Cap off your day with a choice: visit Hitler's Eagles Nest in the Bavarian Alps or unwind at the hotel's top-notch spa.

Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey along the German Autobahn, hitting "de-restricted" stretches for 64 km of non-stop acceleration. No need for brakes – just pedal to the metal and relish the exhilarating performance of your supercar.

Our adventure kicks off on the Deutsche Alpenstrasse, a 515 km route bordering Austria. Navigate the German Alpine Road's gentle curves, surrounded by 25 ancient castles, monasteries, and palaces, including iconic Neuschwanstein and Herrenchiemsee palaces.

Merge onto Autobahn A95 for a managed convoy experience, reaching speeds of 250 kmph+. Lunch awaits in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, known for its Winter Olympics history and Bavarian charm.

Cross into Austria for a thrilling drive through the Voralberg Alps' mountain roads, with a breathtaking stop at the Highline 179 suspension footbridge. End the day at an exclusive family-owned hotel, savoring Austrian delicacies at the prize-winning Stube restaurant.

Get ready for the ultimate joyride!

Buckle up for an exhilarating drive through the picturesque Austrian Vorarlberg, transformed into a summer paradise. Picture yourself navigating the Hahntennjoch High Mountain Pass with its breathtaking views, followed by a loop around Mount Santis in the St Gallen Alps, offering panoramic vistas of six countries.

Lunch comes with an option to soar to the summit of Santis via cable car for uninterrupted views of the Swiss Alps.

As the sun begins to set, we descend to the shores of Lake Zurich, tracing its edge back to the city. The journey concludes at the Marriott, but the excitement doesn't end there.

In the evening, join us at Zeughauskeller for a celebratory dinner, toasting a lavish adventure on the world's dreamiest driving roads in the most coveted supercars.

As we bid farewell to each other and the extraordinary Supercar Drive, the echoes of powerful engines on the tracks linger in our minds, reminding us of the exhilaration we experienced during these past 7 days. The journey concludes with a leisurely day, allowing us to soak in the triumphs of our drive, before a seamless transfer to Zurich International Airport.

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Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria are frequently chosen destinations for their stunning landscapes, meticulously kept roadways, and the presence of renowned routes such as the Grossglockner in Austria or the Autobahn in Germany.

There in no requirement of any kind of special insurance to drive the Supercar. Your personal travel insurance will be sufficient. You may also consult for the same with the destination expert.

Yes, most European countries have speed limits, and they can vary. The Autobahn in Germany is famous for some sections without speed limits, but other countries have strict regulations. Always adhere to local speed limits and traffic rules.

An International Driving Permit (IDP) is not required to drive in Europe for Indian citizens holding the Indian Driving. However, it is advisable to cross-check the regulations before planning for the drive.

March to November is the best time to go for a Supercar road trip in the Europe. However, it’s essential to check weather conditions and plan accordingly.

Yes, you can bring your own supercar, but it involves additional logistics such as shipping, customs, and compliance with local regulations. Make sure to research and plan well in advance.


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Ultimate Supercar Drive in Europe: Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Austria

Season 1: A superstar is born

Adventures Overland orchestrated its inaugural Supercar Drive in Zurich, showcasing a remarkable assembly of 8 coveted supercars, including the McLaren 720 S, Ferrari F8 Tributo, Ferrari Portofino M, Porsche 911 GTS Cab, Lamborghini Huracan STO, Porsche 718 GTS, Aston Martin DB11, and Mercedes S63 AMG. This extraordinary journey fulfilled the dreams of automotive enthusiasts, providing participants with the unique daily opportunity to switch between different supercars. This allowed them to
fully savor the distinct power and thrill of each vehicle, creating an unforgettable experience of the supercar driving adventure. The Super Car Drive unfolded as an unparalleled escapade, offering a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. Exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Austria, the route traversed the majestic Swiss Alps, the sophistication of St. Moritz, the splendor of the Italian Dolomites, the iconic Grossglockner Alpine Road, the speed of the German Autobahn, and the allure of the Austrian Alps before culminating in Zurich. With a group of 16 participants, 8 supercars, and a dedicated crew of 3, and 4 local team members, this tightly-knit Supercar Drive became an unforgettable chapter in the lives of every individual involved. Each participant unequivocally affirmed that this adventure stood out as one of the most exhilarating experiences they had ever encountered.

Supercar drive: Back on popular demand!

Get ready for the ride of a lifetime with AO’s Supercar Drive through Europe – an adventure that goes beyond your typical road trip. An experience that’s not just about driving; it’s about feeling the thrill and excitement of being behind the wheel of the world’s most sought-after supercars. We start in Zurich, explore the charming streets, and then dive into the heart of the action – the Swiss Alps. Imagine cruising in a McLaren or Lamborghini, the powerful engines echoing against the stunning alpine backdrop. Conquer famous routes like Oberalp Pass and Albula Pass, where the beauty of the surroundings matches the adrenaline rush of driving a supercar. Next up, the Italian Dolomites bring even more excitement. Take on Offen Pass and the famous Great Dolomite Road, with stops at scenic wineries and lunch spots boasting breathtaking mountain views adding more charm to this ultimate supercar diving experience in Europe. The Grossglockner route takes things up a notch, featuring 48 twists and turns that showcase your supercar’s power and agility. As you conquer the Grossglockner Pass and navigate through jaw-dropping landscapes, you will realize how this self-drive supercar experience is a perfect blend of precision and excitement. Zoom through German Autobahns, where unrestricted stretches invite non-stop acceleration. The Deutsche Alpenstrasse, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and the Voralberg Alps offer diverse terrains surrounded by ancient castles and stunning mountain views. The Austrian Alps set the stage for the ultimate joyride. Conquer Hahntennjoch Pass, loop around Mount Santis, and soak in panoramic views of six countries. The journey wraps up along the shores of Lake Zurich, capping off an extraordinary adventure. AO’s Supercar Drive isn’t just about reaching destinations; it’s about the thrill, precision, and luxury that echo through every twist and turn. It’s an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, creating memories against the backdrop of Europe’s most enchanting landscapes.  

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