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Are you seeking thrill and romance in beautiful, picturesque locations that evoke the ambience of a Tom Cruise movie? Then this is the drive for you! Pick up your supercar in Munich and exit the city to speed on the legendary stretch of the German Autobahns. Snake through the Bavarian Alps past several glacial Lakes and isolated spa towns to cross borders and reach Austria. Get history lessons at the architectural marvel, Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest and some magnificent castles marked in the journey. Experience a fairy tale as you visit an emerald, green lake Fuschi and a picture postcard-perfect village in Austria while indulging in local cheese, dumplings and game dishes in the Austrian Tyrol region. Enjoy the thrill of driving on the Grossglockner alpine road, considered the most spectacular alpine road in Europe with a clean stretch of 48 Kilometres and sitting at an elevation of 8215 ft! Live the high life at hand-picked uber-luxury properties throughout Germany & Austria and feel like the king/queen of good times!

About the trip

5 Nights / 6 Days
Trip Cost

Starting from INR 4,60,000* Per Person (EMI Option available)
Excluding 5% GST & 20% TCS

Trip style
Self Driving Holiday
Mountains, Valleys, Scenic Roads
Self Drive Super Car, National Parks, Vineyards, BMW Museum, Hangar-7, Highways
Upcoming Dates
May – October

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As you arrive at the Franz Josef Strauss Airport, you will be met and transferred by a luxury vehicle to your hotel. Upon arrival at your hotel, you will find an Adventures Overland Road Book waiting for you. Once you have settled in, your AO Concierge will give you a call at the scheduled time to brief you on the exciting days ahead. Experience the wonders of Munich, a captivating city brimming with architectural marvels and a special treat for motor enthusiasts at the remarkable BMW museum.

By 8:00 am your chosen Supercar will be delivered to the hotel. You will be walked around the car and briefed on all functionalities. As you exit Munich towards Bavaria, get set to drive on the limitless stretch of the legendary German Autobahn, leading you directly to Lake Chiem. Post lunch at the Lakeside, drive on the stunning stretch of alpine road through the Bavarian Alps to cross the border into Austria. Head directly to Hangar-7 in Salzburg, which is a collector's delight with an extensive collection of aircraft, helicopters, and Formula 1 cars. Now take off for the most thrilling drive of the day, Rossfeld PanoramaStrasse. This stunning driving loop takes you along the ridgeline of the low mountains at the border of Germany and Austria.

Warm up your supercar to navigate the hairpin bends on the Rossfeld Panoramastrasse while enjoying the stunning mountain views of Germany along the way. It’s a fairy tale drive today in your super-fast carriage as you visit an emerald-green Lake Fuschl and the picture-postcard-perfect Hallstatt village. Have coffee on the shores of the lake at the luxurious Schloss Fuschl 5-Star Hotel, and pinch yourself to check that this dreamy day is real. Keep driving through the scenic Gschutt mountain pass, with glacier views, ski slopes and a magnificent castle along the way. Afterwards, cross the border back into Germany for your overnight stay.

Thrilling and Scenic are the two words to describe the drive we have in store for you today. Begin by driving through the Alps to the stunning Austrian Tyrol region. Indulge in authentic Austrian cuisine at one of the Alpine ski resorts. Unleash your passion for driving on the Grossglockner alpine road, considered the most spectacular alpine road in Europe with a clean stretch of 48 kilometres and sitting at an elevation of 8215 ft! You can catch breathtaking views of the Austrian Alps, glaciers, lakes and the highest mountain in Germany, Grossglockner. End the day by descending 1700 meters into the Valley and to Leinz for your overnight stay.

Have a hearty breakfast and begin your day's drive towards the largest national park in Austria, Hohe Tauern. We offer you two scenic routes to exit Leinz and enter the heart of the park. As the first option, Felbertauern Road with gorgeous vistas, long sweeping curves and a tunnel to cross the mountain! The second option is to cross the mountain by taking the Grossglockner pass in the opposite direction, the same as yesterday. Both paths are delightful and full of experiences in the most unspoilt region of Austria, the Southern Tyrol. The day's plan includes a visit to the tall and impressive Krimmi waterfall and the Zillertal Valley, famous for traditional Tyrolean dishes.

The final stretch of the drive is here and by now you and your supercar car are like chalk and cheese. Thus, we decided to make the day more challenging by dividing the drive into two parts. In the first part, drive on the route that snakes its way through the Bavarian Alps past several glacial lakes and isolated spa towns to reach Fussen. Have lunch here before starting the second drive. The second part of the drive takes you back to the German Autobahn for one last time, before dropping off the car at the hotel in Munich.

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Horsepower 640

0-100 Km (in secs) 2.7

Lamborghini EVO Spyder

Horsepower 711

0-100 Km (in secs) 2.9

Ferrari F8 Spider

Horsepower 710

0-100 Km (in secs) 2.6

Mclaren 720S

Horsepower 503

0-100 Km (in secs) 3.6

Aston Martin Vantage Roadster

Horsepower 493

0-100 Km (in secs) 3.2

Porsche 718 GT4RS

Horsepower 502

0-100 Km (in secs) 3.7

Porsche 992 GT3

Horsepower 503

0-100 Km (in secs) 3.6

Aston Martin Vantage Coupe

Horsepower 572

0-100 Km (in secs) 2.7

Porsche 992 Turbo Coupe

Horsepower 414

0-100 Km (in secs) 4.2

Porsche 718 GT4

Horsepower 473

0-100 Km (in secs) 3.4

Porsche 992 GTS Cab

Horsepower 473

0-100 Km (in secs) 3.4

Porsche 992 GTS Coupe

Horsepower 443

0-100 Km (in secs) 3.7

Porsche 992 S Cab


Porsche and Mercedes are among the renowned German automobile brands.

German Autobahns are specifically engineered for high speeds, and certain sections of these roads have no imposed speed limits. Driving a supercar on such roads has been described as flying on the road.

Yes, you can rent the fastest supercars in Germany.

Adventures Overland participants have shown a preference for McLaren for its exceptional performance, exhilarating sound, and handling.

The Autobahn speed limit is actually 120km/h on many sections, as clearly indicated by signs. However, there are certain sections where no speed limits apply.


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